On the third bug of log4j developers gave to me:

one code injection, data exfiltration, and a denial of service attaaaack

Wow this Bombers-Riders game is crazy. Interceptions, missed kicks, vaccuming snow off the field, fans in costumes. Wouldn't have it any other way. Classic CFL

Smartphones are overrated. Many people who own one don't even know how to use it on a basic level. Big tech loves to brag about new designs, but from teaching newcomers I can say the experience is far from "intuitive". Meanwhile, another run of "iPhone for Dummies" is reprinted...

Wow that last 20 minutes was some insane hockey. So much fun to watch. Almost can't believe it! Team makes a new highlight reel every game-- that's all a fan can hope for!

Remember bitconnect? Still love that meme.

Can't believe it's only 2 weeks until 2022.

Hello. My name is Fark Muckerberg, and welcome to My Experience.

If people took issue over the master branch terminology just wait until they hear what we do to child processes

The answer to any arbitrary question is obviously trains

The internet was created with publicly funded research. Paying for software licenses didn't exist until Microsoft. Facebook was built on the back of free, open source codes. The world would be completely different had things gone otherwise.

What if the first aliens we encounter communicate purely through images (visually) instead of language (verbally) 🤔

My second vote cast this year, I'm on a roll 😎

Wow that was a great game. This is going to be a great season.

Oilers are on fire tonight let's go!! 🤩

Missed my connection by 30 seconds. Now I know why so many violent crimes happen on public transit.

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